My name is Doris and I was born and raised in Wels, Upper Austria. I am still living in this wonderful
mid-sized town.
I attended schools at quite different locations (such as Ebensee, Wels, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, London) and schools with quite different educational goals: secondary school, technical college, professional school for fashion, school for models catwalk/fashion presentations, university of applied arts, academy of applied science, and a teacher training college.

So it is rather difficult to say my occupation is just this or that. In fact, I am a trained tailor, dressmaker, and seamstress as well as a certified fabric pattern designer, trained retail saleswoman, a graduate educationalist (3 different teaching degrees from a university of applied science) and an artist & designer.

Most of all, however, I am an autodidact. All my IT, digital graphics, and 3d knowledge is self-taught (partly in very hard lessons) over many years.

I have already worked for and with web-designers, models, photographers, and private customers
all over the world.
I am specialised in digital photo retouching and editing, but I also create covers for books, CDs and DVDs.

Have a nice stay here at my page
Doris, aka Dozibaer

And for all those who are wondering about my pseudonym now:
Dozibaer is a blend of Dozi (the nickname my family gave me as kid) and the German word for teddy (TEDDYBAER). It was the signature name of the hand-made artistís teddy bears I was busy creating and winning prizes for at the time I first started my online/homepage career to sell my teddy bears. For a number of reasons I kept the name as my pen name, so to speak.