Homemade PolymerClay Jewelry.
Occasionally, real sweetwaterpearls  or glass bead necklaces also.

All polymer clay beads (PMC) are homemade. This means they are individually tinted, formed, textured, painted, fired, drilled and polished by myself.
Clays used can be Sculpey, Premo, or Fimo. Each and every necklace  is unique!

= reproducible no request, but necklaces will always show variations in color, size, length, glass beads ....

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303 84 Atlantis
28mm oval beads, in dif. blue and turquoise shades, handmade glass beads in dif. blues, silver plated wire.
length: 110 cm
handmade PMC beads,
both sides textured, silver dusted, silver plated wire.
of pendant: 5,3 cm
length: 100 cm
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Baby Balls Berry
powderpuff shiny light red
round PMC beads,
combinded with 2 dif. clear plastic beads, silver plated wire.
big PMC bead balls (  1,5cm), graduated from pink to blue, silver plated wire.
length: 172cm!
price: price:  
Blocks Bluestar BW Swirl
multicolored PMC blocks, graduated in size, combined with fandango pink Polaris pearls, silver plated wire.
length: 88cm
biggest pearl 2cm
charm necklace , PMC beads in different shapes, Swarovski glass, glass beads, Indian silver, chain element, silver plated wire.
lentil shaped bi-color swirl beads with silver leaf inlays, black, white silver.
of beads: 1,5 - 3 cm

length: 60cm

price: price: price:
Color Swirls Cones Coral
multicolored lentil shaped swirl beads (2,5 - 3cm), silver plated wire.
length: 48cm
2 seperate necklaces, bicone shaped beads in purple, purple glitter and hot pink, combined with Swarovski imitations and keyrings, chain elements, silver plated wire.
length longer necklace: 105cm
length shorter necklace: 91cm
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