Double Decker Disks Easter
one-side beveled PMC disks ( 1,6 cm), graduated from yellow to pink, mid part polished, chain element, silver plated wire.

lenght: 64cm

foam colored oval  beads (about 28mm), pink glass elements, silver plated wire.


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Flowers Glasses GMOPDisks
Klimt cane beads and pendant in dif. blue shades, chain elements, silver plated wire.
The pendant's hole can be used for inserting one's reading glasses when not needed

pendant: 6,5 cm
lenghth: 88cm

Granit Hell Hipp
hand painted round and pillow beads, combined with small red wooden pearls, silver plated wire.

pillows side length about 3cm
lenght: 46cm

Klimt cane square elements, side length about 2,5 cm, silver plated wire.

lenght: 98 cm

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Hot Red Ice India
2 seperate necklaces, big round and triangular shaped Mokume Gane beads, red wooden beads, silver plated wire.
biggest bead 2,3 cm
length: 112cm
silver plated wire.


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