Cookie Costumes - 2nd Skins+ - Pierrot


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    There is no postwork in the promo images!
Promos were rendered with DAZStudio 3 and with Poser 4 Renderengine
    (used in promos: Trumarcar's witch shoes, LLF's Mary-Janes and GothShoes)
  Regular Price:   $ 5.00
    Product: downloadable .rar file
    Vendor: Doris3d
    Set with
    4 2nd skin textures (sad and happy with/without painted cap)
    2 pierrot hats + textures
    button row + textures
    collar + texture
  1 UNICYCLE + texture
  1 texture for  hippy blouse
    1 texture for  hippy trousers
    (.pz2) and (cr2) files for easy application
    NO additional DAZ Studio Material Presets (.ds) - set made in Daz for use with DazStudio and Poser
    This pack is NOT a merchant resource!
    Tested in DazStudio 2.3, DazStudio 3, PoserPro (not tested in Mac)
    Product Details:
    Requires: Cookie
    DAZStudio: yes
    Poser: yes
    Rar: 1,2 MB